Founded in 2013, the Italian Institute for the Future (IIF) is a non-profit organization for research, training, consulting and dissemination in the field of futures studies, with the aim of spreading a culture of anticipation, social forecasting and the study of megatrends in Italy, developing scenarios and analyses of future anticipation at all levels of decision making, promoting sustainable and long-term policies for the Italy of tomorrow. Since 2018 it is an institutional member of the World Futures Studies Federation.

Board of Directors

President & Editor in Chief

Roberto Paura

He has a degree and a Master in International Relations, a post-graduate master in Space Policy and a PhD in Physics. Co-founder of the Italian Institute for the Future, Editor in Chief of the “Futuri” journal, co-founder of the Italian Futurists Association. His main areas of expertise are the social impact of scientific & technological innovation and megatrend analysis.

Vice-president, Organisation & Programmes

Daniela Porpiglia

She’s graduated in International Development and Cooperation, and an expert professional in Project Management. She’s Project Manager for European programmes and social innovation projects and works as a facilitator in corporate & strategic foresight workshops and in participatory citizenship initiatives. Co-founder of the Italian Institute for the Future.

CFO & Legal Affairs

Carmen Papaleo

Graduated in International Relations & Politics, Ph.D. in Economics of the Public Sector with specialization in Environmental Economics, she’s a Financial advisor and expert in Investment funds, Sustainable finance, Private equity and Corporate welfare. Co-founder of the Italian Institute for the Future.

Director-at-large, Head of Membership

Emmanuela Alesiani

She has a degree in European Politics & Economics. Founder and CEO of SuiteFood, startup active in food innovation. She has been Innovation Manager for several years in a large international food company.

Executive Director, Center for European Futures

Adriano Cozzolino

He has a degree in Law and a degree in Political Sciences, with a doctorate in International Studies. He’s a Post-doctoral researcher and analyst of European and International politics. Research fellow in Political Science & International Relations at the University of Campania “L.Vanvitelli”. His areas of expertise include globalization and international political economy, EU political system and Eurozone political economy.

Director-at-large, Head of Business Development

Isabella Pierantoni

Sociologist, founder of Generation MoverTM, senior executive coach, trainer and speaker. She studies social change and its impact on the job market and organisational behaviour.

Director-at-large, Head of Communications & Media

Gloria Puppi

She has a degree in Production & Management of Audiovisual industry, and a Master in Future Studies. She has an extensive experience as screenwriter and story editor and editor in chief for international companies as well. Founder of Novus Lab, co-director at the Speculative Design Hub of the Italian Institute for the Future, she uses storytelling and speculative design methods with data, future personas and acting to create immersive environments.

Executive Director, Center for Near Space

Rino Russo

Aeronautical Chartered Engineer, PhD in Aerospace Engineering, he conceived and performed Microgravitational Fluidynamics analysis and experiment executed onboard the SPACELAB by European astronauts team. Founder and President of Trans-Tech for technology transfer and engineering services in aerospace and industrial sectors. Former manager of CIRA-Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali, cooperates with the Aerospace District of Campania. Co-founder of the IIF Center for Near Space (CNS).

Director-at-large, Head of Foreign Relations & Governance Policies

Vincenzo Torre

Aeronautical Chartered Engineer with 30+ years of technical and management experience in the Aerospace & Defence industry in Italy and abroad. Specialised in Air Transport Economics & Fleet Operations. Has been Founder and President of the PMI® Project Management Institute, Southern Italy Chapter, member of the Italian Physical Society. Co-founder of the IIF Center for Near Space (CNS).

Scientific Committee

Antonio Camorrino

Researcher at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II where he teaches Sociology of cultural and communicative processes. Member of the Board of Directors of the Sociology of Religion section of the Italian Association of Sociologists.

Riccardo Campa

Professor of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, where he teaches Futures Analysis at the PhD School “Society of the Future” and is head of the Research Center on the History of Ideas. Bestselling author of “Still Think Robots Can’t Do Your Job?” (2018).

Fabio Corbisiero

Associate Professor at the University of Naples Federico II, where he teaches Urban Sociology and Sociology of Tourism. Coordinator of the LGBT Observatory and OUT-Observatory on Tourism. Among his publications: “Sociologia del turismo LGBT” (2016) and “Sociologia del futuro” (2016, with E. Ruspini).

Carolina Facioni

Research assistant at the Central Directorate for Thematic Studies and Valorization in the area of Social and Demographic Statistics at ISTAT-National Institute of Statistics. Among her publications: “Capire la statistica” (2019, with B. Delle Donne, M. Delle Donne).

Adolfo Fattori

Professor of Media Phenomenology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, former professor of Sociology of cultural and communicative processes at the University Federico II of Naples. Among his publications: “L’immaginazione tecnologica” . (1980), “Memorie dal futuro” (2004).

Vincenza Pellegrino

Associate Professor at the University of Parma, where she teaches Social Policies and Sociology of Globalization. She has been consultant to the Council of Europe and the Emilia-Romagna Region (“Community Lab”). Among her publications: “Futuri possibili” (2019).

Roberto Poli

Full professor at the University of Trento, where he teaches Social Forecasting and Epistemology of Social Sciences, holder of the first UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems, director of the Master in Social Forecasting. President of the Association of Italian Futurists. Among his publications: “Introduction to Anticipation Studies” (2018), “Lavorare con il futuro” (2019).

Elisabetta Ruspini

Associate Professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca, where she teaches Generations and Sociology of the Third Sector. Since 2018 she led the Interdepartmental Research Center for Gender Studies at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Among her publications: “Generazioni e Turismo” (2013) and “Sociologia del futuro” (2016, with F. Corbisiero).