Lunar Factory


After the publication of Le Carré Bleu number 2-3 / 2017 dedicated to “OrbiTecture”, the Center for Near Space is back with an issue of the historic architecture and urban planning magazine focused this time on the Lunar Factory, that is, on the prospect of building on the Moon – and also in other points of the Cislunare City – a production capacity based on the use of extra-terrestrial resources: energy, water, propellants, raw and precious materials.

Lunar Factory, the issue edited by the CNS of Le Carré Bleu – La collection, is the result of a long research and design work by the experts of the OrbiTecture program to imagine future habitats on the Moon. From the dimensioning overview of the Cislunar City to the complex transport system, from the “urban planning” logic – that is, how to design possible settlements of dozens and dozens of people on the Moon – to the technological support systems, from the legislative challenges for a correct and democratic management of these settlements to the social, cultural, technological and infrastructural evolution aspects, and to the role of the new generations in this exciting process.

328 color glossy pages, paperback



2069: The Cislunar City
Gennaro Russo, Giuseppe De Chiara, Claudio Voto
Center for Near Space, Italian Institute for the Future, Italia

Culture and Heritage of the Outer Space
Olimpia Niglio – Hokkaido University, Japan / Vicepresident ISC ICOMOS PRERICO, France
forme Minister of Culture of Asgardia, Austria

Three Different Approaches: on Earth, on Space, on the Moon
Massimo Pica Ciamarra – CNS Center for Near Space, Italy

New Paradigms of OrbiTecture for the Lunar Habitats: the LunaFab
Guido De Martino, Raffaele Minichini, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Gennaro Russo – Center for Near Space, Italy

“Olympus Project”: the First Off-Earth Construction System to Support Future Moon Exploration
Julian Ocampo Salazar – BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmark

LunaFab: A Contribution to the Lunar Industry
Piero Messidoro, Davide Pederbelli, Fabio Paudice – Center for Near Space, Italy

TURTLE, Technical Unit of Research for Lunar Ecosystems
Antonino Salmeri, Paolo Pino – SGAC Space Generation Advisory Committee, Austria

From the International Space Station to the Lunar Gateway: Architectural and Living Solutions
Maria Antonietta Perino – Thales Alenia Space, Italia

Reference Architectures for the Moon Village
John Mankins, MVA Moon Village Association, Austria

Moon Village: Building a Company on the Moon
Yoshifumi Inatani, MVA Moon Village Association, Austria

On the Side of Space Colonies
Veronica Moronese & Anass Hanafi, CNS Center for Near Space, Italy

EAGLE, an Effective and Adaptive Governance for the Lunar Ecosystem
Antonino Salmeri, Giuliana Rotola, SGAC Space Generation Advisory Committee, Austria

Preparing to Live on the Moon and Mars
Antonio Del Mastro – Mars Planet, Italy

Space for Humanity: the Role of Youngsters
Molisella Lattanzi – Nemesis Planetarium, Italy