Professional services

Our know-how can be a valuable strategic asset for companies, institutions, organizations caring about the anticipation of possible futures to make their activities sustainable over time. Our Institute makes its experts available for a variety of training, consulting, research and dissemination activities in the field of futures studies.


We make our experts and consultants availables for talks and conferences in private and public organizations and congresses. The topics we deal with, adaptable to the different contexts and needs of our clients, fall mainly in the following areas:

  • Introdution to the main ongoing and coming megatrends.
  • Theory and practice of futures studies.
  • Future technologies and science and society relations.
  • Medium-long term demographic scenarios.
  • Automation impacts on labor market.
  • Geopolitical scenarios and economic-financial macrotrends.
  • Climate change, environment and energy policies.
  • Space trends and challenges.
  • Socio-political risk scenarios.

Analysis and reports

Our Institute carries out research and analysis on request, through the drafting of reports (both confidential and public domain) accompanied by on-site presentations. Our know-how is focused on the following topics (adaptable to the reference contexts of each client):

  • Anticipation of scientific-technological innovations and social impacts.
  • Medium-long term business transformations.
  • Demographic changes and expected impacts.
  • Trends and evolutionary scenarios in specific contexts.
  • Medium-long term socio-political risk analysis.
  • Environmental sustainability policies.

Workshops and training 

Our Institute carries out workshops and training activities on request, for companies, institutional and non-profit organizations. Our participatory methodologies make clients able to identify the best strategies for anticipating changes and adapting their business to new scenarios, combining the analysis of global megatrends to specific local  contexts. Specifically, we use the following methodologies, also in partnership with other organizations:

  • Shell scenarios.
  • Three horizons.
  • Charrette.
  • Future lab.
  • Futures wheel.
  • Design fiction.

EU Projects

We are specialized in European projects’ design and implementation and our experts are available for personalized consulting services in the planning and drafting of projects for EU calls for proposals, as well as in the use of participatory methodologies and in the application of social anticipation and foresight tools, management of intercultural projects, science & technology topics.

Our Clients