Education 2050. Suggestions from Italy


UNESCO has launched the “Futures of Education: Learning to Become” initiative with the aim of redefining learning models for the future. The initiative is a global debate on how knowledge, education and learning should be re-imagined in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty and precariousness, to shape the future of humanity and the planet. The initiative  is involving citizens, organizations, bodies and networks all over the world since September 2019, in order to spread the debate on how knowledge and learning can change the future of humanity and of the planet, by defining a set of different perspectives on challenges and opportunities for education and learning that can be both anticipated/foreseen and imagined/visualized by looking at the year 2050. That’s why the Millennium Project Italian Node, the Italian Institute for the Future, Generation Mover™, and Novus Lab, organized and facilitated this participatory structured debate dedicated to “Education 2050“, with a focus on Italy. The contributions that emerged during the debate about the topics of “Education 2050”, and specifically hopes and fears to 2050 (topic 1), purposes (topic 2) and implications of learning, (topic 3) were included in this report sent to the UNESCO Commission to contribute to the initiative.