• 6 April 2021

Open call for the Center for European Futures Research Paper Series

Open call for the Center for European Futures Research Paper Series

Open call for the Center for European Futures Research Paper Series 1024 551 IIF

Since its creation just over a year ago, the Center for European Futures (CEF) has been working  to establish itself as a dynamic and ongoing forum for engaged discussion and debate over the future(s) of Europe and of the European Union, as well as to promote the application of Future Studies to European and International affairs. Based on this aim, the CEF is delighted to announce the launch of an open and permanent call for research/working papers, to be published within its Research Paper series.

The call is open both to early career and senior scholars. We welcome all  topics potentially falling into the field of the Social Sciences (including  philosophy of science), that:

  • Directly or indirectly concern the European space, thus involving politics, society, institutions, culture and the commons, political economy, gender studies, and the arts among others.
  • Reflect on the future(s) of specific topics and issues (e.g., the futures of European integration, environment, the futures of the commons).
  • Propose ‘exercises of future(s)’, namely exercises in imagining and re-imagining more or less specific aspects of the possible futures of Europe, the EU, and European societies.

In terms of length and style, the Research Papers are ideally rigorous pieces of research and analysis written in a clear, reader-friendly and concise way in order to help sharing ideas. The length of the papers is around 6000 to 8000 words, comprising notes and bibliography. All papers are peer-reviewed by the members of the editorial board of the Center for European Futures and/or of the journal Futuri.

The papers will be  published with the ISBN of the Italian Institute for the Future Press, and selected ones will be re-published as chapters in the Yearbook of the Center for European Futures (published once a year).

If you are interested in proposing a research paper, please send an email with your name and institutional affiliation (if any), short bio (no CV needed), a working title and a 500-word abstract to: info@europeanfutures-iif.com