• 31 August 2020

CNS Thesis Award “The Cislunar City”

CNS Thesis Award “The Cislunar City”

CNS Thesis Award “The Cislunar City” 1024 589 Roberto Paura

The Center for Near Space of the Italian Institute for the Future has established in 2019 an annual award dedicated to university students to stimulate them to their reflections on the expansion of humanity in space that has already begun and that will see in the very near future the development of ordinary life in Earth and lunar orbit and/or on the surface of our natural satellite. The thesis work will have to be developed within the Vision of the CNS and specifically on one of the following themes identified by the Scientific Committee of the CNS:

  • Transparent plastic materials resistant to space conditions.
  • Space additive manufacturing: the next 30 years.
  • Future full closed-loop ECLSS (Environmental Control and Life Support Systems).
  • Radiation protection: water systems and bacteria cultures.
  • OrbiTecture: future spatial environments according to the anthropocentric approach.
  • Aspects and psychological effects of living in OrbiTecture’s environment.
  • Innovative propulsion systems (RBCC, ramjets, hybrid engines, etc.).
  • Space Law: exploitation of resources and life in space.
  • Launch Systems: study of a Hyplane configuration for Low Earth Orbit launch.
  • Connected systems, Internet and big data in the Cislunar City.
  • Composite and antibacterial materials for space use.
  • Energy Harvesting of Mars dust.

The thesis can be requested and developed at any university department, public or private, of technical-scientific, social-humanistic or artistic orientation. It can alternatively be asked to CNS at info@nearspace-iif.it, indicating the theme of interest and the city of preference. The university lecturer will be accompanied by a co-rapporteur of the Center for Near Space, and will have to involve a company through a company tutor. The thesis must be sent to info@nearspace-iif.it by November 15. The Scientific Committee of the CNS will select the best thesis and award them by the end of the year at a national event that will be informed in time. POSTER ANNONUCEMENT

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