• 8 September 2016

Call for papers FUTURI 8: “The Frontiers of Science”

Call for papers FUTURI 8: “The Frontiers of Science”

Call for papers FUTURI 8: “The Frontiers of Science” 1024 448 IIF

The Italian Institute for the Future invites researchers and experts to submit to the editorial board of the journal FUTURI research papers to be published on the 8th issue of the journal, due in December 2016. The cover story will be focused on “the frontiers of science“.

The tumultuous evolution of scientific and technological progress in the last few decades is expected to accelerate in the near future, making hard to forecast impacts on our society. The genetic revolution started with the CRISPR technology suggests scenarios in which humanity will be able to defeat many diseases, but also to “improve” the living species, from plants to humans. Stem cells promise to cure cancer and rejuvenate human bodies, pushing us to imagine a society where aging will be postponed for many decades. The research on artificial intelligence envisages scenarios in which humans and machines can interact on an equal footing, putting supercomputing capabilities at the service of progress, but also (according to some experts) threatening at the same time our existence. Nuclear fusion and other new non-fossil energy sources will radically change geopolitical scenarios. The new Space race stimulates to think of new rules for human coexistence in orbit and on other planets. Not to mention the way in which physics is putting into question our very idea of reality. The 8th issue of FUTURI wants to analyze the way in which scientific and technological progress will change our place in the world in the coming decades, with particular attention to the relationship between science and society in a long-term perspective.

Papers should address one of the following topics:

  • Scenario analysis on long-term developments (> 10 years) in biotechnology, genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, aerospace engineering, physics.
  • Bioethical implications of genome editing and stem therapies.
  • The “eugenics” issue related to the CRISPR.
  • Social implications of a further extension of the expectation of life thanks to the medicine of tomorrow.
  • Risks and benefits for society coming from the development of artificial intelligence.
  • Human-robot coexistence scenarios, including problems related to technological unemployment and legal issues arising from the introduction of driverless vehicles on a large scale.
  • Risks and benefits of the “society of algorithms”: socio-economic and political implications.
  • Geopolitical scenarios related to a larga scale establishment of nuclear fusion and/or other non-fossil energy sources.
  • Legal and political issues related to the new Space race by private aerospace companies.
  • Socio-political and economic issues related to the commercial use of Earth’s orbit and the cis-lunar one.
  • Social transformations triggered by the development of an “interplanetary civilization” (i.e. able to build permanent settlements on Mars and other celestial bodies).
  • Philosophical and sociological implications of the new theories of physics and cosmology.

Articles should have a length between 2,000 and 4,000 words. The deadline for submitting articles is 30 November 2016. Please note that FUTURI is an Italian journal addressed to an Italian-speaking audience, therefore English articles will be translated by our editorial team.


Articles should be sent in .doc format at segreteria@futureinstitute.it, and should include a short bio-bibliography of the author(s).

Any images should be sent in separated .jpeg or .png files in the highest resolution available. You should attach an additional document in which captions and sources of each image will be reported.

Editorial process

Submitted articles will be sent to the journal’s Scientific Committee as well as to external referees for the review process. In case of acceptance, they will be published on the 8th issue of FUTURI. Authors will receive a printed copy and a digital one of the issue.

The journal

FUTURI is the scientific journal of the Italian Institute for the Future (ISSN 2284-0923). It is published in print and ebook. The printed edition is sold through the website www.instituteforthefuture.it and in selected bookstores, available on a subscription basis and sent to IIF supporting members. The ebook edition is sold through the website and in all digital libraries and sent to IIF ordinary members IIF.

Scientific Committee

Riccardo Campa
Marco Emanuele
Carolina Facioni
Adolfo Fattori
Nicola Lettieri
Roberto Poli
Pietro Senesi
Donato Speroni

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