• 30 January 2023

Call for Paper – The Futures of Europe in a fast-changing Global System

Call for Paper – The Futures of Europe in a fast-changing Global System

Call for Paper – The Futures of Europe in a fast-changing Global System 1024 551 Roberto Paura

As for the past two years, also in 2023 the Center for European Futures launches a special issue of Futuri journal entirely devoted to the futures of Europe and of the international system. The aim of the issue is publishing theoretical, conceptual, methodological and empirical contributions that, through the perspective of Futures Studies, aspire to analyse the future scenarios of Europe and of the World. In this direction, we recommend studies that make use of methods within the field of Futures Studies and social forecasting – and/or that emphasise the long-term consequences, megatrend effects or multiple scenarios of the topics addressed.

The issue is thematically open: essays from different and (possibly) interdisciplinary approaches are solicited within different and heterogeneous fields: institutions and politics at the national, international and comparative level; economics (including political economy and labour policies) and society (including gender issues); cultures and languages; territorial cohesion, inequalities and/or demographic scenarios; new developments in specific fields such as ecology and the digital sphere, or the new arms race.

Theoretical and empirical analyses specifically addressing the possible future developments of European integration process – and the European Union more broadly – are welcome. Also in this last case, analyses can encompass virtually all aspects of EU integration and its institutional complex: common foreign and security policy, the internal market and/or international trade, environmental policies, interventions such as the NextGenerationEU and its policy implications, political parties and Europe, institutions and integration between systems, and gender issues within and outside institutions.

Deadline and publication schedule

  • 25 February: Submission of abstracts*
  • 3 March: Notification of selected abstracts
  • 30 April: Submission of articles
  • 31 May: Feedback from peer-review process
  • 30 June: Submission of articles revised in the light of referees’ suggestions
  • July 2022: Publication of the special issue

Instructions for authors

For any information, including content, on Futures Studies, authors interested in publishing in the issue should contact the series editor at the following e-mail address: a.cozzolino@europeanfutures-iif.it.

Abstracts, of between 200 and 350 words, must contain the main indications on the topics to be addressed, theoretical and possibly methodological perspectives. They must also be accompanied by a short biography of the authors.

Articles can be in Italian or English. The evaluation of contributions in this issue will be subject to a participatory double-blind referencing mode: authors agree to evaluate at least one contribution from another author. Articles must be between 25,000 and 35,000 characters (including spaces and bibliography). The bibliography, cited with the American author-data system within the text, will be written following the examples below:

  • Arnaldi S., Poli R. (a cura di), La previsione sociale – Introduzione allo studio dei futuri, Carocci, Roma, 2012.
  • Beckert J., Imagined futures: Fictional expectations in the economy, “Theory and Society”, vol. 42 n. 3, 2013.
  • Campa R., Un decalogo per la tecnoetica, “Futuri”, 11 maggio 2020: http://www.futurimagazine.it/dossier/un-decalogo-per-la-tecnoetica/
  • Fucile G., E rimarrà solo un apriscatole. Cultura del consumo e apocalissi letterarie, in Paura R., Verso F. (a cura di), Antropocene. L’umanità come forza geologica, Future Fiction, Roma, 2018.

Within the text, quotations will be made using the following: «». Footnotes should be limited to the essential and in any case should not be used for bibliographical references. Please include also a short abstract (750-1000 charachters).

FUTURI is a six-monthly journal on futures studies published by the Italian Institute for the Future. It is recognised as a scientific journal in Italian academic system for “Area 14” (Political and Social Sciences).