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3-D Printing: a forefront technology for Space

3-D printing

  Additive manufacturing technology, also called additive layer manufacturing or 3-D Printing, is a forefront technology enabling manufacturing of tools as well minor items on Earth by adding material layer after layer, giving the desired shape to fulfill the intended scope. Applications of 3-D printing technology  is also beneficial to producing, assembling and aggregating even […]

Hyplane: Challenges for Space Tourism and Business Transportation


A preliminary study on a small hypersonic airplane for a long duration space tourism mission is presented: Hyplane. It is also consistent with a point-to-point medium range (6000 km) hypersonic trip, in the frame of the “urgent business travel” market segment. Main idea is to transfer technological solutions developed for aeronautical and space atmospheric re-entry systems to the […]

Status and Perspectives of Hypersonic Systems and Technologies with Emphasis on the Role of Sub-Orbital Flight


The relevance and the main features of Hypersonic Flight are shortly presented and discussed. A synthetic overview of the few realizations and of many studies, projects and technological demonstrators offers opportunity of point out many interesting aspects. Then the more actual realizations and studies are considered, with particular attention to the new sector of small […]